Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Halo Action Figures!

Blue Spartan Halo Figure
Blue Spartan Action Figure
Master Chief Halo Figure
Master Chief Action Figure

Awesome Halo Action Figures, including new Halo 4 figures!

Today's Action Figure Showcase is about Halo, including the new Halo 4 action Figures! Some items have Super Saver Shipping, which is free shipping on all eligible items over 25$ (see Amazon for details). Highly detailed action figures including Master Chief, Arbiter, Cortana,Elites, grunts, crawlers, and much more! These make great gift ideas for ANY halo fan, and alot of these action figures, toys, and play sets are affordable, and I even featured some exceptionally highly detailed figures such as the pictures above!Check out more action figures, Halo 4 Review, and more Halo Merchandise!


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