Monday, January 21, 2013

Dwarf Fortress Let's Play World Overview

     The Dwarf Fortress Overview of the World

Dwarf Fortress World Overview of the Mythical World of Cyclones    An Overview of the "Mythical World of Cyclones", featuring the continent of "The Scaled Lands"

  This is the world in which we will be doing "let's plays" of. The first location is still being decided, but in the meantime, check out what exists in this world we created. If you want the world seed and everything, all seeds are numbered "1000" including creature and history seeds, with a 1400 embark points, and I believe 1 cave option.

   From what we were reading, most of the demons and creations exist in the southeastern corner in the tundra, featuring a cave I will send an adventurer to scout out sometime, to see how far that cave goes.
The Underworld Cave entrance featuring Demons Dwarf Fortress

Tiqua Beerswhisky, the Female Human Vampire Dwarf Fortress  Also we found a case of Were-Elephants spreading the curse, killing, and devouring others, caused by the anger of a God. Also, a powerful female human Vampire, "Tique Beerswhisky" is the ruler of a civilization, cursed by a forgiving and merciful God, which seems hypocritical, but she has over 1500 kills under her belt and ruled up until recently, leaving her post, but still being a law giver in her town to the current day.

  Death and Destruction runs rampant in this land, with a war against the goblin menace, controlled by a fox demon. Abductions are rampant as well, turning humans, elves, and dwarfs against their own kind. The Titans of the world are vanishing, the Age of Legends is in it's infancy, and the start of a new fortress and it's story will soon be told.

  What will happen? What insanity will occur? Who will lead the charge of the fortress and bring it to success.... or failure? Stay tuned and subscribe for more updates! Whenever new updates occur I will provide links connecting the stories together
Tiqua Beerswhisky the female human Vampire in Dwarf Fortress

Niqua, the Were-Elephant Dwarf Fortress

Sana Glovesgood, the so called God of Mercy and Forgiveness Dwarf Fortress


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