Thursday, January 17, 2013

BCNU, the augmented reality touch game!

BCNU augmented reality touch game smartphone tablet
Click here to visit the Kickstarter page to learn more!
I was recently contacted by David Wineberg, who is developing a game called BCNU, and I believe that this game has potential to be an interesting and promising app using real life imagery and the touch portion of the keypad. Check out this except from the Kickstarter page for this project!

BCNU is an augmented reality touch enabled game for iphone and ipad first, and Android devices next. It's the first simple game to take advantage of both touch and the camera.
It's an action game where the environment is always different because it islive, using the device's camera, wherever the player is. Ideal for sopping up time at the airport, in a café, on the street. You make the game harder and keep it fresh by using it in new places. If you get bored - move.

  If I had the money I would help back this project, but the next best thing is to spread the word around and help him achieve his goals, no matter how small the part. so feel free to watch the video present and go here to see more, learn, and back the project if you wish!


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