Monday, October 22, 2012

Halo Shirts, Games, Books, Toys, Red vs Blue, and more!

Halo 4 Cover Box artMasterchief from Halo

Halo Merchandise Showcase!

Great Halo Merchandise and Collectibles on today's Showcase!

Today's Showcase is Halo Merchandise in anticipation of the next game in the Halo Franchise, Halo 4. Our Showcase has the halo games, and other collectibles and merchandise! Remember some items have the Super Saver Shipping, which is free shipping on all eligible purchases over 25$.

We have awesome shirts, Red vs Blue DVDs, wallets, action figures, graphic novels, comics, Halo 4 for Pre-order/purchase, and much more! Check out our Halo 4 review and awesome action figures as well!

                                                           Awesome Clothing!

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