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Far Cry 3 Review (Single and Multiplayer)

Far Cry 3 Vass Ubisoft   Far Cry 3, the latest installment of the franchise from Ubisoft, offers an excellent story,single player experience, full of side missions, activities such as poker and races, and animal hunting to say the least!

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Far Cry 3's story is an emotional roller coaster of Jason Brody trying to rescue his friends and family from pirates trying to sell them into slavery. The game does a great job of telling the narrative through cutscenes and interactive quick-time events at times to be more immersing  I will not spoil anything with the story, but there is plenty of plot twists, advancement, and dealing with many shady individuals in order to find your friends. Characters such as Vaas, can really steal the show with his insanity and immoral methods. In some ways, he can really become a fan favorite for a great villian, and the other people you meet along the way are no slouch in their character.

Driving in Far Cry 3


 The gameplay in Far Cry 3 is fun and offers you two huge islands to explore (the other later on in the story). There is multiple activities to do in this game, ranging from story missions, side missions, racing, knife throwing, poker, random elements such as aiding civilians, collecting relics and war letters, plus much more! Climbing on top of radio towers will allow you to open that particular part of the map and unlock free weapons for you to use later. Along the way you will encounter outposts, which you will need to liberate by killing the enemies residing there, bonus XP for doing it stealthy and without sounding alarms!

  As you do these activites, killing enemies, skinning, and so forth, you will gain XP and levels, and with each level you will have access to 3 trees of skill types, (Shark, Heron, Spider). Spider, for instance, is more about stealth and survival, Heron, is about long range take down and mobility, and the Shark is about assault takedowns and healing. Some skills are unlocked by completing more story missions, and doing certain requirements listed, like skinning certain creatures or other requirements.
 You will also encounter "Trials of the Rakyat", which are scoring mini-games with it's own theme that can be replayed over and over to get a better high score. There is also skinning, which is required to unlock better storage of ammo, wallet size, and other increases in weapon and equipment holding. You also have the War Letters and Relics, which are scattered across the islands, and be collecting enough, you will unlock  more syringes, weapons, and so forth.

Far Cry 3 Shark Attack
 You will play multiple activities like Poker and such, and for me, the poker games were the most fun and immersive. If you ever play Red Dead Redemption's poker games, you will feel right at home, plus if you are good at it, you can make some good money! I tried the knife throwing, and it feel somewhat clunky, but the shooting challenges weren't bad for me. 

 Animals act more like real animals in this game and will proceed to stalk you, chase you, and proceed to maul you and pin you if you aren't careful. Tigers, bears, and sharks are especially deadly, but even the more docile animals can be just as deadly if they get close. You will see Tigers, for instance, hunkering down and ready to pounce on not just you, but their animal prey and other humans too, which adds to their realism. Aligators will grab you and death roll, Tigers will pounce on you and try to tear you apart, and bears will raise up on their hind legs, roar, and slash, and so much more!

Multiplayer (Co-op and Versus)

Before we head into each section, playing multiplayer you have selection to your own custom loadouts for both versus and Co-op. Loadouts are similiar in style to loadouts in the Call of Duty series, which you select your primary weapon and attachements, plus a secondary weapon and its attachments. After this you will select your skills and battle cry, and a battle cry is a shout which gives different buffs to any ally in ear shot. Upon completing either versus or co-op you will have access to Decoder items, which you will put into a decoder slot and decipher it in real time. These decoder items have XP and weapon mods inside of them, depending on item, plus sometimes you will recieve speed ups which you can gift to others in your friends list, and you can gift weapon mods to your friends as well if you don't want them.

 Cooperative Section

The Co-op for Far Cry 3 feels like left 4 dead in quite a few ways, and is its own story, happening roughly 6 months before the single player story starts. You have a rag-tag selection of characters, with their own personalities. You can use your load outs (created beforehand) and can play with up to 4 players in the co-op story, and you can choose different difficulties for each story chapter too. Each story chapter has parts of pure action and shoot em up, and at times you will have competing parts, which are minigames to where you and your friends compete to reach up points for more XP. Some sections of the chapters also have defending areas and grabbing bombs to set up to blow up a building, bridge, or whatever. Each Chapter can last for quite a while, like 30 minutes to an hour depending on how fast you run through it. If you love Co-op and have other far cry 3 friends this will be fun for you, and you gain XP and everything just like in Versus (see below)


The versus in this game is similiar to the Call of Duty series, with game modes like team deathmatch, and a domination style match type. By killing enough enemies you can use support items to call in air strikes, a UAV style map system to discover enemy players, and can use the loadouts made earlier for versus too! At the end of a match, the best player gets to humiliate the best player on the losers team or give him mercy, depending on what has been voted on. You can do things like sharing a beer, kicking people in the nuts, beating them up, and much more, which I found funny and hilarious. The versus mode was giving me some bugs like dying spontaneously and falling through the map, but I hope they will address this soon. The Co-op is still a great choice if versus isn't your thing.


Overall I found Far Cry to be a great single player experience with a great story and has a decent multiplayer addition as well! If you are more into the single player you will have a great time with it, and despite the bugs in multiplayer, it is still a blast and fun to play, and I highly recommend it!

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Far Cry 3 Alligator attack
Far Cry 3 Gameplay Screenshot
Far cry 3 grass fire
Far Cry 3 Gameplay screenshot
Far cry 3 Tiger attack
Far Cry 3 outpost liberation


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