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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dungeon Keeper 2 Retro Game Review

an art cover for the title of Dungeon keeper 2, featuring the mistress and Horny, the horned reaperDungeon Keeper 2 Review (PC)

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   Dungeon Keeper 2, a game from 1999, lives up even by today's standards as a classic Dungeon building game. Dungeon Keeper 2 has several upgrades and improvements over the predecessor, such as redone spells, additional rooms, and overall controls. In this game's story, you are tasked with collectible all of the portal gems, in order to open a portal and launch an invasion on the surface world. Along the way, you will collect pieces in the campaign at set intervals to summon the horned reaper aptly named, "Horny". He is no longer an inhabitable creature, but rather, a summoned creature, who will wreak havoc on your enemies.

   The game play from the original Dungeon Keeper is mostly the same, but more streamlined and less on the micro-management scale, allow for more control and focus on the game play. The new creatures in this game are more humanoid, rather than animal creatures, having people such as rogues, black knights, and others who can be summoned with the right rooms and conditions. 

Two mistresses having fun in Dungeon Keeper 2  Spells in this game can also be upgraded to include stronger, more powerful variants. The summon imp spell, for example, can be upgraded to summon level 4 imps, which are quicker and stronger then level 1 counter parts. You can also store a limited amount of gold in your dungeon heart as well, a problem that was fixed in the original.

  The single player campaign in this game has well done maps and script events, with the narrator (in his evil voice), giving you a voice over on what you must do in the level. His voice is also good for periodically making funny remarks about you, or your dungeon, and livens up the gameplay. Other aspect I really appreciate, is the use of cultural references, and the voice interacting with you directly, telling you to go to bed if it is late at night, for example.

a face shot of Horny, the Horned Reaper Another aspect I enjoy is the multi player, which allows you to fight up to 4 other dungeon keepers in different maps, or you can make your own map with the level editor, and share with your friends, allowing for near limitless game play.

  Overall, this is one of those classic games that everyone should try at least once, with it's humor, excellent interface, campaign, and even multiplayer. This game will definitely have you attention if you are a fan of building dungeons, managing creatures, and being evil!

Game play footage screen shot of Dungeon Keeper 2

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru Strategy guide

Learn the secrets for Call of Duty Black Ops2 in this new strategy guide! Dominate the competition!
The following strategy guide offers a 60 day full refund guarantee from Clickbank if you aren't satisfied, so there is nothing to lose!

Learn the secrets to rank at the top in Black Ops 2 with this strategy guide
In this article we will be looking at Call of Duty Black Ops 2 which is quite a difficult game to get to grips with and a new guide that has been released that is getting some awesome feedback.
The question is:
“Do you need a guide to be good at Black Ops 2 online?”
The answer is of course NO!
However, bear with me – although you don’t need a guide to be good at the game if you want to compete online it can take you hours of practice.
You can learn all of that yourself BUT it will take a long time!
The problem is that if you are new and running around the maps trying to kill the other team you will be making the same mistakes time and time again like the wrong load outs, not taking full advantage of the maps and general gameplay reaction errors.
This will improve over time but if you have a pro sit down with you and tell what you need to do to become a better player this can improve your game fast!
So the answer is that you don’t need a guide BUT if you want to become a better player fast it can really help.
Black Ops 2 Guru helps as it gives you written guides that will improve your gameplay but also HD videos that will make you a better player fast!
The videos really help you to become a better player as you can SEE the skills you need to start dominating and just copy along.
Black Ops 2 Guru is for you if you are sick of getting beaten all the time on the game!

Check it out here >> Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru Website

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide! Earn lots of Gold in Wow!

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide! Get rich with Gold in World of Warcraft!

This is Hayden Hawke, standing wearing a sexy outside advertising her World of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide
Note: If you aren't satisfied with the product, Clickbank offers a 60 day return for a full refund policy, no questions asked, so there is no loss!

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The following has been taken from their official website!

Hi, If you haven't watched the video above, my name is Hayden Hawke, author of the Secret Gold Guide.
The reason you're here today is because you WANT gold. Let me rephrase that, you NEED gold.
I know how you feel, I was once at that point in my WoW career. I thought about quitting...but then I realized that's stupid, it's just a game.
Other players have gold to buy whatever they want, why can't I? It turns out, I could. I could have a lot of gold and all I had to do was learn the secrets of how they did it.
Over the last few years after learning some of the methods used by the pros, I improved upon these methods and began helping players on a case-by-case basis, but this wasn't enough....
Everywhere I went I saw beggars! Every time I was raiding there was always some idiot there who didn't have enough gold to pay for repairs or reagents.
What I'm offering you is a chance to make more gold than you'll ever need. What's wrong with that?
If you continue down the page I will tell you what's in my guide, why it's better than others, and what you'll learn. If that isn't enough, it's also 100% guaranteed to work.

World of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide WoW rich money secrets coins

Here is what you get when you download today at their official site!

Module 1: 11 Addons You Can't Live Without
Making Gold with Addons is the new hot thing in World of Warcraft. To really become great at making gold, YOU NEED THEM! But you can't just install them, you NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE THEM PROPERLY! There are 11 of them that you don't want to do without. I'm not only going to tell you what they are but also I'm going to show you how to use them to unleash their full power to get rich!

Module 2: The Auction House Made Easy
Knowing how to use the Auction House and Mastering the Auction House are two completely different things. The difference between the two reflects entirely on how much gold you have. If you have a lot of gold then you've probably mastered it, if you don't, then you need to get this to Learn to Master it. In this module I cover some of the best kept Auction House Secrets used by the pros.

Module 3: Get Paid to Gather
Gathering is one of the best and easiest ways to make a lot of gold but most people have no idea how to do it efficiently. This module will cover the best items to gather and where to gather them in complete detail with maps. You'll always know where the best farming spots in the game are. Gather and watch your gold pile grow!

Module 4: Crafting Your Way to Thousands A Day
Over the last few years I've spent time developing a system using crafting professions that allows you to earn thousands a day by only spending 20 minutes or less in game. I will show you exactly how to do it in this module. You won't find this information anywhere else.

Module 5: Fishing and Cooking Your Way To Prosperity
Fishing and cooking is one of the best ways to make gold that is often overlooked. I'm going to show you with detailed maps the best places to fish and the best things to cook. Using this information will allow you to make a ton of gold.

Module 6: Farm and Grow Rich
Farming can be simple, fast, and fun if you know what you're doing. This module includes maps and details for the best farming spots in game and which items you should be farming. Don't waste time on anything else if you're going to farm. And don't let others fool you, you can make an insane amount of gold with farming.

Module 7: Quick and Easy Instance Farming
Instances farming is by far my favorite way to make gold because it's so fun! This module covers what instances are the hottest to farm to make the most gold. Complete walkthroughs are provided and they let you know how much you should be making in each instance.

Module 8: A Guide To Making Gold Before Level 85
Here you'll learn everything you wanted to know about making gold before level 85. This precious module is missing from most other gold guides that only focus on being max level. Not only do I cover it, but I tell you how to get rich before you're max level.

Module 9: Making Gold for Fun and Profit
Yes, contrary to popular belief, there are miscellaneous ways to make a lot of gold that are really fun. This module is a compilation of some of the most unique gold making ideas and how to properl

Secret Gold Guide Updates
Receive instant online 24/7 access to all Mists of Pandaria updates to the guide. This will ensure you are prepared and on top of your game. You will be able to access the guide at any time of the day and will be the first to read about any updates. This will put you a step ahead of any player not currently a member.
Weekly Gold Tips
Receive access to my weekly gold tips sent via email and posted in the members area. There are over 100 gold tips in the members area and a new one gets added each week. I'll send you information on how to profit from the next patch, next expansion, upcoming holidays, or what's hot that week.
Personalized Support
Receive personalized support from me (Hayden Hawke!) so that if you are having any issues or questions about my gold making strategies I can personally assist you.
Crafter's Compendium
Receive instant online 24/7 access to my Crafter's Compendium which shows the best ways to level alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, inscription, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, and tailoring from 1-525. This will ensure you never waste a minute of your valuable time (or gold for that matter) leveling up any of crafting professions.
Herbalist's Handbook
Receive instant online 24/7 access to The Herbalist's Handbook, an herbalism guide designed to show you how to level your herbalism as fast as possible from 1-525. You will get access to 22 routes, detailed in maps which will help you level up herbalism faster than ever before.
The Miner's Companion
Receive instant online 24/7 access to The Miner's Companion, an essential guide for anyone seeking to level up their mining from 1-525. The guide contains over 20 detailed maps and routes and includes a smelting section for leveling up incredibly fast.
Tom's Power Leveling Guide
Receive instant online 24/7 access to my friend Tom's Power Leveling Guide which will teach you about all the types of power leveling, help you get your character to 85 fast, show you leveling hot spots, explain which classes are best for each type of power leveling, and teach you how to boost your experience before you even start.
WoW Acronyms and Abbreviations Cheatsheet
Receive instant online 24/7 access to my WoW Acronyms and Abbreviations Cheatsheet, which will teach you the meanings of frequently used WoW Acronyms so that you can you can communicate quickly with others and sound like a seasoned pro.
Class Talent Guides
Receive instant online access to my Class Talent Guide which provides you with baseline farming builds for every class, skill/spell rotations, farming stats, and gear selection to help you level or grind.
Dual Boxer's Guide
Receive instant online access to The Dual Boxer's Guide, an excellent guide that will teach you what you need and how to play two characters at once to save time and level super fast. There's also information for system requirements, setting up dual boxing macros, and effective dual boxing methods.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Facebook Game Review

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Logo screen

Yu-Gi-Oh! arrives on Face book, does it hold up in transition?

Check out more reviews, merchandise showcases, and much more! Also check out the official site for Yu-gi-oh! BAM! Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Bam on Facebook by clicking the link provided!

This is a yu-gi-oh BAM story chapter screen shot   Yu-Gi-Oh BAM is a variation on the popular collectible card game series, featuring quicker card games, dueling with friends, custom decks, card collecting, challenges and much more! Also featured as some of your favorite characters from the show, such as Yugi, Joey, Marik, Seto-Kaiba, and much more, including it's own story in text format and various extra challenges along the way.

This is the Yu-gi-Oh! BAM card battle screen   Starting off in the game, you will begin with a starter deck to begin with, following the story and unlock more chapters, cards, and earning coins, which can be spent on purchasing more cards to customize future decks. Game play is a bit different than playing an actual game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, such as only attack settings, rather than being able to switch a card from attack to defense and so forth, but most of the core game is intact. Spell cards are also featured, and can be deployed in the same manner as the original game, however, instead of 5 channels to lay down your monsters and spells, the game board is set to only 3, to speed up the games. Also of note is that the standard decks have been lowered to 15, making game play quicker as well, having to make more strategic use of your deck layouts. BAM suggests 10 monsters to 5 spell ratios, which makes sense, because of the lower amount of cards that can be played. 

  You can earn cards by playing the story chapters, completing objectives (which are needed in order to increase your level), dueling friends, or doing arena duels, which allows you to play against random people.  Dueling with others give you "card pieces", which is another currency needed to purchase booster packs and certain cards. The final currency given is the "Duel Points", only received from either purchasing them with real money, and completing certain objectives. All of these currencies can be used to purchase cards or booster packs, and some cards are added and removed in the rosters at certain intervals in updates.

  Overall, a person who enjoys Yu-Gi-Oh or collectible card trading games in general, will enjoy this game, and especially if they have friends who enjoy the same kind of games too! This game does a great job of keeping to the source material of the TV show and manga interpretations, and the cards and effects are very similar to their real life counterparts!
This is a small list of the Yu-gi-Oh Bam card selection