Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Facebook Game Review

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Logo screen

Yu-Gi-Oh! arrives on Face book, does it hold up in transition?

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This is a yu-gi-oh BAM story chapter screen shot   Yu-Gi-Oh BAM is a variation on the popular collectible card game series, featuring quicker card games, dueling with friends, custom decks, card collecting, challenges and much more! Also featured as some of your favorite characters from the show, such as Yugi, Joey, Marik, Seto-Kaiba, and much more, including it's own story in text format and various extra challenges along the way.

This is the Yu-gi-Oh! BAM card battle screen   Starting off in the game, you will begin with a starter deck to begin with, following the story and unlock more chapters, cards, and earning coins, which can be spent on purchasing more cards to customize future decks. Game play is a bit different than playing an actual game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, such as only attack settings, rather than being able to switch a card from attack to defense and so forth, but most of the core game is intact. Spell cards are also featured, and can be deployed in the same manner as the original game, however, instead of 5 channels to lay down your monsters and spells, the game board is set to only 3, to speed up the games. Also of note is that the standard decks have been lowered to 15, making game play quicker as well, having to make more strategic use of your deck layouts. BAM suggests 10 monsters to 5 spell ratios, which makes sense, because of the lower amount of cards that can be played. 

  You can earn cards by playing the story chapters, completing objectives (which are needed in order to increase your level), dueling friends, or doing arena duels, which allows you to play against random people.  Dueling with others give you "card pieces", which is another currency needed to purchase booster packs and certain cards. The final currency given is the "Duel Points", only received from either purchasing them with real money, and completing certain objectives. All of these currencies can be used to purchase cards or booster packs, and some cards are added and removed in the rosters at certain intervals in updates.

  Overall, a person who enjoys Yu-Gi-Oh or collectible card trading games in general, will enjoy this game, and especially if they have friends who enjoy the same kind of games too! This game does a great job of keeping to the source material of the TV show and manga interpretations, and the cards and effects are very similar to their real life counterparts!
This is a small list of the Yu-gi-Oh Bam card selection


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh BAM is a cool game, your review helped me a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. I used to play Yu-gi-oh a long time ago when I was 15, and now that I got back into it via BAM, its really good.