Friday, December 28, 2012

Aliens Rogue-like Review (version 0.8.2)

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Official Website: Aliens Roguelike

Aliens Rogue-like is a game where you are a marine, stranded on a colony, and your partner, Nash, is dead. You are tasked currently, with killing the Alien Queen and making your escape, but this is far from easy! Aliens have infested the base, and you have 7 towers to explore, find the Queen, kill her, and make your escape.

Aliens Roguelike gameplay Screenshot  Aliens RL is a rogue-like game, and for those of you who aren't familiar, a rogue-like game is a dungeon crawler with many random elements, classes, quests, and so forth, usually done in ASCII computer graphics, and many rogue-likes are famous for their high difficulty levels and randomness with each adventure. Aliens RL is no exception, being difficult, random, and never experiencing the same game twice.

  This game features sounds from the classic franchise, such as aliens hissing, screaming, pulse rifle firing, and features an atmosphere musical track, keeping you on edge for your adventure. Also apparent are contending with darkness, hazardous materials and enviroments, and of course xenomorphs looking to tear your flesh to shreds!

Aliens Roguelike gameplay Screenshot #2  When you start your game, you are given a text introduction, explaining the events that have led you to this colony, and then you can create a name for your soldier, or leave blank for one chosen for you. You then proceed to create a marine class, featuring Marine, HW Specialist, Medic, Scout, and Technician. Each class is better at certain stats than others, and come with a set piece of equipment for each class as well. A technician, for example, is better at hacking and using terminals and other electronic equipment.

  The randomness of this game has features such as random maps, broken or working elevators, and equipment placement, and the Aliens universe, combined with a rogue-like dungeon crawling experience, make this game a fun indie game for sure. In this current version, you only have your main mission, a nice variety of weapons and tools, and terminals, but future versions have more in mind and this game is FAR from finished, but with my overall experience, there is definitely more fun and horror in the future and great potential as well. I will provide links so you can visit the official site for download this game and other games from Chaos Forge, such as Doom Rogue-like, which is due for a review soon.


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