Friday, December 28, 2012

Zynga's Coasterville Facebook Game Review

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                         Coasterville Game Review!

Zynga's Coasterville is the latest facebook game to be released and so far, I've found it to be an interesting game, although they do borrow elements from their previous games. Your goal is to create the happiest amusement park, and you do so by creating park rides, food stands, gift shops, and of course... rollercoasters!

Coasterville gameplay Screen Zynga facebook    The game features a nice tutorial that will get you familiar with the game through a series of quests, teaching you the basics, such as building stands and rides, upgrading them, and finding the items necessary by searching them. Most actions in this game require 1 energy point, which recovers every 3 or 4 minutes by 1 point, the only things I've seen that don't require energy is customizing rides, painting them, and upgrading shops. You can get more by waiting, or having friends send you energy packs. Other buildings in this game help out the park customers, such as rest rooms, first aid stations, and more.

Coasterville Upgrade Screen carousel Zynga Facebook
   Goods is a item which is required for almost everything in this game, and can be gotten by ordering more from the warehouse. The warehouse offers several amounts of goods to be delivered, denoted by a time associated with them, or you can visit friends to get more from their warehouses and other means.

    Inspiration is an item received from visiting your friends' parks and aiding them by clicking on rides, parks, hotels, and so forth. You receive 1 for each friend, and this is used in the construction of many ride upgrades and ride construction.

    Thrill points is an item received from boosting rides, and is also used as construction ingredients in many rides and some stands. Boosting rides will give you a set amount of points, and upgrading the rides will increase the amount you get for each boost! Beware, however, that boosting too much can break the rides and require more goods and such to repair and get it back to normal again.

Coasterville Wild West Mine Ride Screen
   Annual passes are an item gotten from the Annual Pass Stand, and work as recommendations, like from the game Chefville. You will need these recommendations to expand your park further, so you can build more rides and whatever you wish to add. 

    There is a few buildings, which are used for crafting parts, food, and props, for your rides and expansions. The more advanced constructions will require crafting parts from these buildings, but thankfully, I haven't come across too much need for these buildings as of yet. You will probably need these much more often for the more advanced rides, as I have noticed for the Fantasy and Wild West themed rides, which brings me to another point.

Coasterville Gameplay Screen Zynga Facebook

   Besides normal rides, like bumper cars, ferris wheels, and the like, there is also "Themed" rides and attractions. Currently, the game offers Fantasy (Medieval style), Wild West, (Cowboys and Saloons), and the Winter themes. You also receive customization options to place there, such as dirt for the wild west, and so forth, as well as themed decorations.
Coasterville Gameplay Screen facebook
    You unlock more rides and amenities by getting "Park Popularity", and you get this by placing decorations, upgrading rides, and building more rides. However, your front gate only allows so many rides because topping off, which will require more friends to hire to upgrade to the next level front gate. Another item in this game, which is required for many upgrades and stands, is hospitality, which looks like a hotel bell. You get hospitality by building motels/hotels, or by asking friends. 

    The rollercoasters in this game have some decent customization options, and you can expand them in 4 directions, and require certain ingredients, such as goods or thrill points to expand. You can paint these rides and customize the sections with ride hills, "barn" sections (riding through an enclosure, like a barn or something), and twists and turns, corkscrews, and much more! The more expansive the ride, the more ingredients are needed for each ride section! 

   Overall, I find Coasterville to be a nice addition from Zynga, but however, this game does requires quite a number of friends, to experience the most from this game, like in most Zynga games. You will either need a number of friends, or you will need to spend real money to get what you need, but thankfully, you can get most, if not all, items from asking friends.


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