Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Papa's Hot Doggeria Review

Papa's Hot Doggeria Logo cover art

Papa's Hot Doggeria Grilling Station   Papa's Hot Doggeria is the latest in the Flipline Studio's line of food cooking/time management games. In this game, you are the sole runner of Papa's Hot Dog Concession stand at a baseball stadium! The game features a decent tutorial to get you started, but afterwards you are on your own. You start off with a minimum of food selections, including the basic hot dog and bun, some condiments, and starter drink of Fizzo and popcorn. 

Play Papa's Hot Doggeria here on this site!

 After you finish taking an order, the customer will go to the waiting line and you will begin by putting the hot dog on the grill, and after waiting a certain amount of time, it will be fully cooked, and then you flip it over on the uncooked side. Once it reaches the Green line, plus if you fully cooked on both sides, then you take it to the dressing station.

Papa's Hot Doggeria Drink and side Station
 The dressing station is where you add all the condiments for the customers order, but be sure to add it in the right order with an even coating on the hot dog. Once you finish that you send it off to the drinks and side order station, where you fill their drink and side with the right size order, put it on the tray and finally give it to the customer. The customer will look at it and give you a score, based on all stations, and the wait time it took. A good order will give you a better tip, and a star, which when all 5 stars are given, they level up to bronze, silver, and gold, and give their orders faster!

  At the end of the day you are given a rundown of your scores for the entire day, and you will rank up, which increases your payday amount at the end of the 7th day. You will use these funds to buy upgrades and decor for your shop, which the upgrades are very helpful in getting your orders out better! You can buy matching items in the shop and place them in the waiting area for wait time bonuses and more! You can also purchase clothing options for your character with the money you get.

Papa's Hot Doggeria Build/condiment station Inbetween days you use tickets, which you recieve during your work days for good service, to play min-games for more prizes. The games are varied, such as pitching, batting, stacking a giant burger, hide and seek, and more games! The games are fun and give you more decoration for your shop, which can be a big help.

Overall I found this game and it's previous Papa's Games to be good time killers and lot of fun in my case. You can play these games at flash game sites, such as Games Galleon or Kongregate. We have more reviews here for reading as well!


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