Thursday, December 27, 2012

Castle Crashers Review

Castle Crashers Title Screen Cover

Castle Crashers Video Game Review!

 Players: 1-4
Single and Multiplayer
Castle Crashers Barbarian Boss Fight ScreenshotGenre: Beat em up!

  Castle Crashers is a 2D side-scrolling Beat em up game that allows up to 4 players to play, and provides online play and local multiplayer. Castle Crashers is a fun game available on consoles and on PC on platforms such as Steam and other devices. An evil wizard and his minions have kidnapped the princess and a powerful gem and it's up to you, the King's knights, to put a stop to the wizard and his cohorts.

Castle Crashers Gameplay Screenshot catfish  The game features multiple playable characters to choose from, and each has their own powerful magics, as you continue the fight, you will level up, and at the end of a level, you are allowed to put your skill points into 4 different categories, (Strength, Magic, Defense, and Agility). Strength increases the damage of your melee attacks, Magic increases the range, power, and unlock new attacks with increases, Defense increases your health and resilence, and finally, agility increases your movement speed and archery damage with the bow.

Castle Crashers pile of loot
 Along the way, you will encounter the humor of this game, which is laden throughout and never keeps you bored, along with cameos from other video games in their franchises, such as alien hominid. As you play through the game you will unlock more characters, and even a hardcore mode to keep you going with extra replayability. 

 You will find a wide variety of different weapons and pets in your travels as well, which offer different bonuses. Weapons can alter your stats, and some will even offer you critical attacks for extra damage, and these can be bought inside the shops. Pets are floating creatures you find along the way which offer different bonuses, such as finding extra health, items, knocking enemies over, secrets, and much more! Finding them all can be tricky and require you to do certain things or find secrets in the level, but keep the replayability up!
Castle Crashers Gameplay Screenshot
  There is also extra modes too like All you can Quaff  and Arena fights. Arena battles is a wave by wave battle inside an arena where you fight enemies in that particular level. All you can Quaff is an eating game where you have to push certain buttons rapidly then hit another button when you finish eating to call in the next food item, eat it, and repeat until you reach the top of the bar on your left side. The Extra modes are pretty fun in themselves and can be played with other players too.

  Overall the Game is a fantastic beat em up and I highly recommend it if you love these style of games and have friends you can play with too, although single play is just as fun too! If you are interested in other game reviews, we have them ready for you to check out!


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