Thursday, November 15, 2012

Randy Pitchford calls his consumers "E-terrorists"

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software calls his consumers "E-terrorists"

Recently, Randy Pitchford, of Gearbox Software, called his consumers, "E-terrorists", over the recent changes regarding an item in the game, and it's nerf in a patch, called ,"The Bee". On his twitter page he put down the following gems, showing off his unprofessional mannerism, and basically running down his consumers of Borderlands 2, over differences of opinion regarding said nerf.

 I, as a consumer, and once dedicated fan of Gearbox software since it's beginning, am appalled at his lack of professionalism as CEO of Gearbox and his childish tweets regarding difference of opinion. As the leader of a company, it is expected to be completely professional and impartial, but his recent childish outbursts against his consumers who were not pleased at the arrival of a patch, which could negatively impact their gaming experience and enjoyment, is completely uncalled for.

All in all, I, personally, have lost all respect for Randy Pitchford, and unless severe changes are made and apologies are given to his consumers, I will not be purchasing any further Gearbox products in the future. It is a sad time in gaming, when companies can treat their consumers like garbage, and expect no outcry in response.

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