Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cityville 2 Facebook Game Review

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Zynga's Cityville 2 Facebook Game Review!

How does Cityville 2 stack up to it's first game? read on and find out!

  Cityville 2, one of the latest from Zynga, is a definite step up from the first Cityville, with several changes and upgrades done to it, makes it a great facebook game. In Cityville 2, you are tasked with creating your own city, by building businesses, housing, crafting items and materials for more advanced buildings, and so on!

Cityville 2 Screen Zynga Housing
  This is definitely less micro-transaction intensive as Zynga's previous incarnations, as nearly everything in this game can be gotten with using manufacturing plants and other support buildings, to create what you need to build the buildings you need. Your city is also divided up by districts, which are square or rectangle block areas which are leveled up by using buildings inside the area, and after enough uses, the area can be upgraded to either housing, industrial, or commercial. These starter perks for your areas offer extra coins for commerical buildings, or faster time for industrial and housing buildings, and once you reach lvl 3 of an area, it can be upgraded further with additional perks. Every time you level up past Level 2 you have a choice between two perks, with each giving a further bonus to your area.

Cityville 2 parking lot screen
  Every building in the game will give you additional resources for each use. For instance, using a housing building will give you shoppers, which will go to commercial buildings, and housing buildings will usually give you bricks which are needed in constructing of additional buildings or building requirements, such as foundations. Commercial buildings have a set number of shopper limits, which, when full, will allow you to collect coins and other items from them, such as coffee shops giving coffee grounds.

  To construct additional buildings, you will need manufacturing plants and other industrial buildings, such as bazaars. You will need items from several building types to create what you need, such as bricks to help construct foundations, or clicking on vehicles to get workers and citizens. To expand into other districts, you will need to have expansion plans, which are crafted at manufacturing plants and you will need friends to give you the votes, by sending them requests.

  Unlike in Cityville 1, the city in Cityville 2 is much more alive, featuring vehicles moving about, which can be clicked on to get citizens, workers, Super Shoppers from city buses, moving vans to get more additional population, and other vehicles for assistance. Sometimes events will happen, such as power outages, fires, robberies, and more. By clicking on the buildings you can recieve more items for helping them out.

 This game also features approval mode, which is gained by playing the Doobermeter mini game, which is clicking when the bar goes over the blue spot in the mini game, and gaining approval points and possibly additional items! When approval mode is filled up, you will gain a few free clicks and recieve additional items for a few clicks, which is very helpful, especially if you need certain parts!

Cityville 2 Game play Screenshot Zynga

Overall, I found Cityville 2 to be a great sequel to the first City-building game, featuring a much more livelier game and better controls, and more user friendly interfaces, make this game quite fun to play. It also better constructed than Zynga's previous games, and more flash friendly, as least in my experience!

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