Monday, August 13, 2012

Zynga's The Ville Review

Zynga's The Ville LogoZynga's The Ville Social Game Review!

If you want a Sims style game on facebook, this is one of them!

  The Ville, is Zynga's answer to Electronic Arts' social game, "The Sims Social". The Ville starts off by creating your avatar character, and then you are giving some tutorial missions to learn the basics of the game, as in most Zynga games. One of the big differences in this game is the game still uses the Energy system, which refills slowly every 4 or 5 minutes, but you now use Happiness, which is spent of work items, like the sewing machine, and other work items, which turns your spent happiness into coins, which can be used to buy more expensive items.

The Ville Gameplay Screenshot from Zynga   You gain happiness by interacting with objects like food, interacting with other player's avatars, and other objects. have the option to call others over who are playing the game with you, and you can further interact with them by eating food, and using objects.  You also gain a "Party" meter when interacting with others, which can be spent on objects that support it, which will gather all the people at your house for a big special move, which will give you a bunch of happiness, and then the party meter resets, which is a pretty cool function.

  There is several items to collect in this game, which can be used in many crafting workshops, such as creating candles, flowers, and more, which offer special bonuses when used close to them, such as more happiness or coins. Also, you can find cooking ingredients by using fridges and food cabinets, which are used in conjunction with stoves, mixers, grills, Blenders, and other objects. These create food items which can be used by yourself or with others for a nice happiness boost, and can be placed on tables or counters.

Zynga's The Ville Game play Screenshot
  There is room schematics you can purchase, which require other players to help you build them, and when you successfully build one, it gives you one more point of maximum energy and allow you to place more objects and increase your home value. Home value is needed for certain missions and for expanding your home space, and these requires permits, which can be gained by using the mailbox and having the required materials to make them.

  Overall, this game is quite fun if you have other people who play the game also. If you don't, then you will have a hard time progressing in them, just like in most facebook games. So if you like a Sims style game and you have people who play it as well, then this game will be a fun little social game for you!


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