Monday, August 6, 2012

Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space 2 Cover Box Art

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Dead Space 2, by Electronic Arts and Visceral Studios, is the survival-horror sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space.

 The game begins as Isaac Clark, the hero from the first game, as a patient in a lunatic asylum onboard the Sprawl, a densely populated space station, and soon you realize things aren't what they seem.

  The game's story and action is it's strong point, with the story filled with great plot twists, horror elements, gore, and much more to progress the story. You will meet new people while on your journey through the Sprawl, with some characters not all what they appear to be during the chaos of the space station, and the plot twists go great with these new characters.  

Isaac Dead Space 2 Pack Necromorphs
  The game's action is much more finely tuned than the first game, with a recharging stasis meter and better kinesis movement and control. With the recharging stasis, it is easier to slow down enemies and better use of kinesis you can impale enemies better or knock them back with objects and so forth. The game's HUD (heads up display) is the same as the original, with your health bar displayed on your character's back, and the same with the inventory/map management. The stores are also improved, with a cinematic view of changing your RIG, and purchasing, selling of items. Finding Schematics on the Sprawl will unlock new weapons and RIGs, and Power Nodes are still used to upgrade your RIG and weapons.

Isaac Dead Space 2 Pack Necromorph horror
  Dead Space 2 offers you up to 5 difficulty levels for replayability ('Casual', 'Normal', 'Survivalist', 'Zealot' and 'Hard Core'). Hardcore difficulty is as it sounds, a very difficult journey with no checkpoints, very difficult enemies, high damage received, and only 3 Saves for the entire game! It can only be unlocked after completing the game for the first time. Also you can play the game again with all your current inventory again so you can upgrade more weapons and such.

  Dead Space 2 offers a "Versus" Multiplayer with up to 8 players (4 vs 4), where one team plays as a security force, and the other team is the Necromorph team. Multiplayer offers several maps to play and the gameplay is decent, but the heart of the game is the single player, which is very well done.
Dead Space 2 Multiplayer screen shot

  Overall, Dead Space 2 is a fantastic sequel to Dead Space, and you will enjoy this just as much, if not more so, than the original.


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