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X-Com: Terror from the Deep Retro Review

Xcom: Terror from the Deep Cover art

Xcom: Terror from the Deep Game Review!

The sequel to the cult classic game X-Com: UFO Defense (Enemy Unknown)

   X-Com: Terror from the Deep is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and cult classic strategy game, X-Com: UFO Defense (Enemy Unknown).  Terror from the Deep takes place some time after the original game, and the aliens from the original X-Com awaken the aliens of the deep, and now a threat from the oceans arrive to challenge Earth and humanity once more.

Xcom: Terror from the Deep Inventory screen    This time, the X-Com unit has underwater bases to combat the new threat, and the game is very similiar in it's presentation and gameplay to it's predecessor.  If you are familiar with the first X-Com, then this game will be no different, except you are fighting underwater and doing different terror missions. and some weapons only work underwater as well.

   The big difference between the two games is the terror missions, and you now have multiple mission styles in which to carry out and defend. For example, now you will be tasked in clearing out invasions on seaports, Island vacation spots which look similiar to Easter Island, and cruise liner terror missions. Cruise liner missions and alien bases are a different beast now, as they are a two-part mission, where essentially, it is like taking on two terror missions at once, at least that's how they feel to me. When you first fight a cruise liner mission, you will first be tasked in clearing out the top decks of the ship, such as the living quarters, bridge, deck, and so forth.  This is the one of the most dangerous missions in my experience, because of the close quarters combat, and once you clear the aliens out from the top deck, you will then proceed down into the lower decks, like the cargo holds, which are equally dangerous.
the combat screen for Xcom: Terror from the Deep
    The alien base assault missions are two-tier missions just like the cruise liner, which involves the surface battle, then proceed down into the base itself for a close-quarters, dark assault.  I love Terror from the Deep just as much as the original, and in some cases I feel that it is more difficult than the original, but the fun factor and strategy from which I love is still in there.  I would almost say it would be a reskin of the original, but that wouldn't do it justice, as this game is great even on it's own merits. If you loved the first game, I would highly recommend you play Terror from the Deep, and nowadays you can purchase the game in a pack which contains all the games as I will post here.

Large UFO in Xcom: Terror from the Deep

  Overall, it is a fantastic sequel to it's predecessor and is highly recommended for strategy fans.

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  1. I started to play it once again recently and i have to admit it is much better than the newest XCOM!