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Borderlands Game Review

Mad Moxxi being sexy Borderlands
Borderlands Cover Box Art Logo
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
Multiplayer: Up to 4 players (drop in drop out Cooperative)
Genre: First Person Shooter/RPG hybrid

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Borderlands FPS-RPG Lootfest Game Review!

      Borderlands is a first person shooter/Roleplaying game hybrid which can best be compared to a first person shooter meets Diablo 2 style RPG Lootfest. You can select from 4 characters with multiple save slots, so you can eventually play all 4, and each character is unique and different, both in appearance and playstyle. Each character also has a unique action skill, when can be deployed at any time with a cool down, and each character has 3 different skill trees, which can be allocated points with each level up (after level 5).

   Roland is the team leader/support type, using his deployable turret to assist the team and provide cover with the attached shield. Lilith is the Siren, a mage type character who can use phasewalk to move around unseen for a short time and can reappear to do surprise attacks and her skills and setup revolves around the use of elemental weapons and attacks.  Mordecai is the sniper, and his setup revolves around pistols/revolvers, and sniper rifles, plus his action skill is the use of his pet Bloodwing, to seek out and attack nearby enemies. Finally, Brick is the heavy hitter/tank type, and his skills revolves around punching, rocket launchers, and explosive damage, plus skills aiding him in health and defense.

Borderlands Gameplay Screen
   The game's big feature is the huge amount of different weapons you can collect, which is touted to be around 17 million guns in the game total, and that's a lot of collecting to do. A big draw to this game is the loot, which you can find class mods (which alter stats and offer different bonuses), grenade mods (which alter the way grenades behave), artifacts (which increase elemental damage and type for your action skills), and finally more guns, which are color coded in rarity, and if you have played games like Diablo 2, you will know this by heart.

  There isn't much of a story in borderlands, but promises to be more prevalent in the upcoming sequel. Thankfully, the gameplay more than makes up for the lack of a story, as you can team up with up to 3 other players to find better loot and fight tougher creatures. Once you have completed the game once, you can go back to the start of the game and do it a second time, which increases the difficulty, and presents stronger "Badasses", the game's version of stronger normal enemies.

The Vault Hunters from Borderlands Mordecai Brick Roland and Lilith   The single player in this game is pretty fun, but if you want to really enjoy this game, it's advised to play with a friend or two... or three, and team up doing the story together or go hunting for bigger, stronger loot. You can also Duel a player to have some PvP, but there really isn't an incentive to doing so, as Co-op  is the strong point of this game.

   The game also comes with 4 DLC, "The Island of Dr. Ned", "Moxxi's Underdome", "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx", and finally, "The Claptrap Revolution". Each one of these DLC are great additions, and it is advised to purchase the "Game of the Year" edition of Borderlands, so you can have all 4 DLC and the original game for the best expierence.

   Some of the DLC, like the Secret Armory, and Claptrap Revolution, increases the level cap from 50 all the way up to 69. Mad Moxxi's Underdome gives you a bank, where you can stash your guns so you don't have to carry such a huge arsenal with you, or safehold your favorite weapons. Also, the DLC can offer you extra skill points when you complete certain criteria, like completing the Underdome, and can be done in 1st and 2nd playthrough.

The Vault Hunters from Borderlands Mordecai Brick Roland and Lilith

  Overall, this game is fantastic, and even better with friends, and we are looking forward to the sequel September 18th. We do recommend if you don't have borderlands yet, that you will save more money by buying the Game of the Year edition.  This is a fantastic game, and you shouldn't miss out if you love mass carnage, and looting big sexy guns to blow away the unfortunate people in your path!



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