Monday, February 25, 2013

Factorio, Indie project needs your help!

Factorio Indie ProjectFactorio: Build a factory on an alien planet!

Visit the Project main page for contribution here to learn more!

 Said about Factorio

 ... I have been unable to stop playing. 30+ hours so far - bill, Factorio Forums
Dang it, now I'm hooked on this game.Sacheverell, Content Manager for the official Minecraft Forum
Great game, can't believe this is an alpha. Excited for the full release. - rymn, FacePunch Forums
This looks pretty cool. Factorio, indie game where you make factories on other worlds. Hope it succeeds :) - Nathan Adams, Minecraft Developer
I loved your game as I did not love any game ever. (As a gamer with 15 years of experience) - Mindreader, Factorio Forums


We are geeks and we like to build stuff. We have spent a significant portion of our childhood and youth messing with lego, programming and playing games like Transport Tycoon, Civilization or Simcity. Games which didn't have impressive graphics, but still were a lot of fun to play. They were all about designing, building and creating things. About figuiring out how to solve little puzzles (Hmm how do I extend this train station?) and about managing what you created (Arrgh i need to upgrade all these roads into railroads!). We loved these games and we spent many nights staying up and playing them. 
Then there came the idea for a game where you build your factory. You wouldn't have slaves or drones to give orders to. You would have to setup everything yourself. Automate a lot and make sure that things will scale up well. What if you found yourselve on a deserted place or maybe an alien planet alone with no equipment. Would you be able to survive? Would you be able to start from the scratch and build your tools and machines from the ground up? 


Factorio is a 2D game about building factories on an alien planet. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure and fighting alien enemies. Use your imagination to design your factory, apply management skills to keep it working and finally show your close combat skills in encounters with planet inhabitants who don't really like you.


A public demo is already available. No signup, no fee, just download it from and play it now:) The demo contains a short 3-level introductory campaign. There is a very limited set of concepts and game elements in the demo compared to what will be in the full game and what is currently in the alpha. Main purpose of the demo is to give general feeling for the game and allow players to test whether the game works well with their specific system.


The game will be released in its current state as an alpha in mid March 2013. The alpha will be available to all backers. The alpha is already playable and contains following things (however not graphically finished or polished):
  • 2 extra campaign levels in three difficulty settings
  • singleplayer freeplay (couple of hours playing on a procedurally generated map)
  • researching technologies for unlocking recipes or improving existing structures
  • programmable signals to get fine grain control over your factory
  • logistic robots to ease transportation in big factories
  • more game content
    • assembling machines to automatically craft things
    • transport belts to ground to allow belts crossing
    • filtering inserters
    • laboratories to perform research
    • steel processing
    • entities variations (chests, inserters, etc.)
    • ...
  • more weapons (flamethrower, rocket launcher, landmines)
  • map editor
  • lua scenarios scripting
  • moderate modding support (all game element properties are defined as data)


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