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Halo 4 War games Tips and Tricks

Halo 4 Cover Art Master Chief

Tips and Tricks for Halo 4 War Games (Competitive Mode)

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  Having trouble winning games on War Games? New to the game and need some pointers? Check out Tips and Tricks Guide below to becoming a better Halo 4 player in the highly competitive world of War Games! These tips and general tips and tricks that should work in every mode, but especially team base game play types!

Crouch walk for stealthy approaches

Halo 4 Red versus Blue Competitive War Games
   Using the Crouch walk or simply staying still will not trigger your movements on the sensors, allowing you to use stealth to sneak up on unsuspecting players. moving along the ground will not trigger the sensors, but firing, jumping, running, walking, and so forth will display you on the sensors, as well as anyone using Promethean Vision, so you may wish to combine this with the Active Camouflage armor ability to maximize the chance for a stealthy attack, and if possible, try to assassinate as well (holding RB button aimed at the player's back).

Plasma Pistol for Anti-Vehicle and Shields

  Holding the fire button will allow the plasma pistol to charge up, allowing you to decimate a player's shields and temporarily power-down a vehicle, allowing you to hijack it or destroy it with grenades or other high-power arsenals (Rocket Launchers, Plasma Grenades, Sticky Detonator,etc). Holding it too long will force the pistol to discharge and leave you open for attack as well, so make sure the shot hits! If you are a good shot, this over-charged shot will completely wreck a player's shields, leaving him open for a finishing melee strike or further small arms fire, making short work of him/her. A nasty technique for sure!

Over-charged Boltshot for close encounters

  Over-charing the Boltshot will turn it into somewhat of a Mauler from Halo 3, turning it into a mini-shotgun. Pointing this over-charged shot at an enemy player at close ranged, followed up by a melee strike, makes for a good 2-hit combo to decimate your opponent! Like the Plasma Pistol, this weapon will release itself automatically if held for too long, so be sure you know your target before charging it up, and make sure you unleash this shot at melee range and follow up with the quick melee strike afterwards!

Sensitivity Settings right for you!

  Like in other first person shooter games, you will want to make you the vertical and horizontal aiming speed settings are set up nicely for your play style! In most circumstances, the default setting should appeal for many players, but if it isn't right for you, then change it faster or slower, then do some practice runs with it, like in Spartan Ops or Campaign. Once these settings are perfect, then you should be good to go! This tip can be applied to nearly any First Person Shooter game, like Call of Duty and such!

Make Load outs compliment the set!

 Make Load outs compliment the design it was made for! It you are making a long range, sniper type, then make sure all your load out selections compliment the design. For example, Active Camoflage, a mid-range weapon setup like a DMR or Battle Rifle, and a good choice for pistol would be like the Magnum, with a mobility mod to make it easy to get into positions without tiring out. Or for a close range soldier, have dexterity for quick reloads, and close range weapons like the assault rifle or storm rifle, with supply as well, to get more grenades from dead bodies.

Stay with the Team/Complete Objectives

 For games like Dominion, where there is objectives to complete, it is more important to take these objectives than just getting kills, and working together with the team is crucial to success! Help them take those bases, and offer support fire as well! If you have a regeneration shield, or a sentry turret, deploy it and help the team push forward! Cooperating with your team to get those objectives and kill anyone in your way will be good to your success! Use Vehicles and man them to help get the advantage and take out any enemy vehicles and soldiers you may come across, because not only do you get points for it, you also get medals for it too!

Spend points for what you want!

 Leveling up in this game will earn you Skill Points, which you can use to purchase anything you have unlocked with your rank. If you are a close range fighter, then go for the skills that will give you abilities to better yours in that field. If you are a mid-range type soldier, then getting the battle rifle and DMR early will be a great boon, as well as dexterity to reload your guns faster. Eventually you will unlock everything, but it will take longer the higher Spartan Rank you go up!

Primary Weapon out? Switch to Secondary!

 Sometimes in the middle of a fight you will run out of ammo and still need to finish off your opponent, but instead of reloading, switch to your secondary weapon, better if you have a pistol. Pistols are quicker to ready than larger weapons, and will suffice to finish off the rest of your opponents health. This tip also works well in Call of Duty games and most FPS games in general! If you are using the dexterity option in your load out, then this will be even quicker to pull out your pistol or reload!

  These tips should help you become a better Halo 4 player, especially if you are new to the series!


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