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Dragon's Dogma Tips and Hints

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Dragon's Dogma Tips and Hints

Some Tips, Tricks, and Hints for Dragon's Dogma to help you in your journey through the world of Gransys.

    This Game can be quite diverse, with a multitude of Party setups, skills, augments, and much more, but we are going to offer you some basic tips and tricks to help you out and have your journey hopefully be a bit less difficult.

                                                   Have a Diverse Party
   It is important to have a diverse party to be able to handle most, if not all encounters, especially the large monster fights that can occur in your journey. A favorable party that works for me personally, is to have 1 Fighter/Warrior, 1 Mage with anodyne skill (or high Anodyne preferably), 1 sorcerer for heavy hitting damage, and 1 strider/ranger. This setup, depending on your main character's current vocation, has been working for me in all quests and encounters, and I have not had any big issues using this setup. I know there is more setups you can use, but this is good for a basic party setup that works well. If you can have a mage or play a mage with anodyne with fire/holy affinity (Holy especially in Post-game) with high Halidom to cure status effects, you will be in good shape!

                                           Bring the essentials, watch your weight load  
It is important to bring along the requirements needed for your journey, especially for long trips. It is also important to watch your weight load, as the heavier the weight load is, the slower your stamina recovery is, which is dangerous for all vocations, but especially the magic and archer classes. My recommendation is to bring along the following to keep a low weight load, but still carry the essentials
  • Curatives for all party members, a few potent or matured Greenwarishes, some mushrooms or beast steaks for stamina recover, and a few debilitation removing potions, in case you get blinded, silenced, or otherwise.
  • Keep a lantern for all party members and at least a few flasks of oil to refill said lantern if it starts to go out, especially for caves and night time excursions
  • Bring a few empty flasks for you and your party members, especially if you run low on oil or want to get more water, poison, and definitely if you run across a healing spring.
                                        Don't be a "One Trick Pony"
     Dragon's Dogma rewards you for changing up vocations and playing different playstyles. If you change to a whole different playstyle, you will still keep and learn everything from your previous vocation, but If you are on a brand new vocation, you will start from Rank 1 and work your way up to 10. The only things that go with a change of vocations is the Augments. Certain Vocations have really nice augments for use in other classes, like the Strider/Ranger vocations have certain Augments you can use to boost your maximum stamina, or halve Stamina use for certain actions. Playing this vocations and learning the Augments can make for very nice combinations for future vocations or for ones you've previously mastered.

  Keep in Mind, that while you can only have so many augments set at one time, you can use any augment you've learned so far for any vocation, and some are nice for any class, or specific classes. Mage and Sorcerer Augments are mostly for Magic related augments, but the Fighter/Warrior/Strider/Ranger vocations have augments that compliment each other very nicely. For example, The Warrior's Augment, "Clout", Gives you an additional 30% Strength Bonus, combine this with the Fighter's "Vehemence" augment, which gives 10% more, equals a whopping 40% Strength Bonus. Put this on an assassin vocation and watch your damage really hit high numbers!

                                   Setup your Pawn Effectively
    After a while of Story progression, The Encampment will have a pawn named Jonathan, who will sell you exclusive items in exchange for Rift Points. He sells you special potions which can force your pawn to act different according to the potion listed. Another alternative is to use the Knowledge Chairs found near inns and other resting places, but these can sometimes be random. If you want to change your Pawn's attitude and stances in an instant, then the potions are your best bet, and they are really cheap too (only 250 Rift points each).  If you have, say, a mage for instance who is setup for healing, removing status ailments, and enhancing your weapons, then use a potion to change him to support and such will really help matters. If you have a Melee pawn, then having him charge forward or protecting the more vulnerable pawns is a good idea.

   Also, as mention in the "Don't be a One Trick Pony" section, your pawn will learn augments and everything just like you, so cross training your pawn can make him/her a powerful asset as well if setup right. Keeping your pawn upgraded with the best weapons and armor you can afford is great as well!

                                           Get Dragonforged!
   Fighting Dragon based enemies, like Drakes, for example, has a chance of getting your weapons and armor dragonforged. This boosts your weapons and armor even further than a lvl 3 rank, and the higher the rank of said weapon, the higher the chance of the Dragon Forge effect happening. Remember that Pawn's weapons and armor will not be dragonforged, so I like to get my equipment dragon forged and then pass it down to my Pawn, so he can be of greater help, not just for me, but anyone he assists as well!

                                         School your pawns
  Pawns will learn and pick up on techniques used against the enemy and will let you know if they find a weakness!  Getting your pawn to have rank 3 in enemy knowledge is no easy feat unless you use everything you can and figure out what the enemy is vulnerable against. Also, not only can your main pawn learn, but your support pawns can learn about quests and enemies too, and will keep that knowledge to aid his/her master. Finding rare "enemy" scrolls can teach your pawn instantly, so reach the books and many places. Using an Undead Vol 2 scroll, for instance, will teach your pawns and support pawns lvl 2 rank in undead combat, if they haven't learned it already, so in this sense, knowledge really is power!

                                      Rank up your equipment
  Getting your armor and weapons enhanced, not only gives you better stats, but also lowers the weight too! In some cases, certain weapons and items, like the "Golden" weapons, offer status attacks along with their attack bonuses, but you will need the correct ingredients in order to do so, plus the money requirement. Remember that it will use materials in your storage as well, so you don't have to have the items on your person in order to enhance it, just have it in your storage box.

                                    Combine and make new items
  If you play like me, You will have a vast array of items and ingredients to mix and match into brand new items! Experiment and learn how to make better items, or items you need to enhance your equipment. You can make powerful rare items and such, given the right combinations, or some great healing potions, or status ailment removal potions and so forth, so experiment and make all kinds of great items to aid you in your quest.

    This Tips and Tricks Guide will be updated as I find new strategies to help you out on your journey!


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